EXPERIENCES Within Dar-Es-Salam



Enjoy a “ Home Away from Home”  feel with  our beautifully decorated lounges and plush common areas along with the enclosed Veranda that has spectacular views of the Lake. Enjoy a beverage or sip a hot “Kehwa” whilst soaking in the mesmerising views from these areas. A great place for small groups of families like 2 to 3 rooms or even larger groups OR for just the Solo traveller to just sit back, relax and enjoy one selves after a full day of sightseeing.

A Haven for Artefact and Art Lovers

The hotel is particularly popular with travellers who love and understand old artefacts as the family has many of its heirlooms on display, be it the old Mahogany and Teak furniture with some pieces dating over 150 years old or the many pieces of China ware on display that are literally a treat to the eyes , a paradise for a collector, except nothing is for sale !


Bon Fires

If the weather permits, the hotel on request, ample notice and at a nominal charge organizes a Bon-fire in the colder months, so as to make your evenings cosy next to the Lake. With the banks of the garden literally kissing the Lake it is truly one of a kind experience to sit by the Lake with the warmth of the Bon-fire, enjoying some ordered snacks or beverages.

Barbeques ( Presently suspended)

Barbeques are organized for smaller groups of a minimum of 12 individuals and that along with the Bon-fire in the winter months adds to the overall experience of clients at the hotel.

The Flora Bloom in the Garden

Come spring and then come the second flowering season,  the garden erupts with its many flowers and enchants our guests transporting them into a wonderful natural habitat. The hydrangeas, tulips, daffodil narcissus ( Nargis) , the Pansies , multiple varieties Roses in the first season and the Merri Golds, Salvias, Verbenias, cocks comb, “ Ubreshas” are just a few names of the wide variety of flowers you would find that  are a delight to see and be around whilst relaxing in the garden.


The hotel is on the banks of the Nigeen Lake right at the juncture where the Dal Lake and the Nigeen meet each other, where our guests experience many rare species of birds including 4 different Kingfishers, Egrets, Eurasian Moorhens, Water Rails, Mallards- just to name a few of the hundreds of species and many of which are very rare, that can be spotted. It is truly a paradise for bird watchers . We recommend early morning Shikara rides deep into the bulrushes and waterways in the Lake to spot birds.